Option / Alert to Detect Missing Data in Sense Power Meters (main plus DCM/and smartplugs) and Export

Today, there is no way to tell if your Power Meter or the device power meters (especially for smartplugs) are registering zero power consumption or missing data (NA - not available). Sense doesn’t differentiate in the UI, though I’m fairly certain that they know back at the mothership. Optionally exposing the NA data in a few components of the UI would give users a much better way to track network issues and other sources of data integrity problems. That might cause a few new headaches for Sense support, but also would help users diagnose lingering issues. For instance, I have found that Always On is particularly sensitive to NA data and often get’s buffeted incorrectly by 0s created by missing rather than true 0 data.


Indeed a (detailed) exportable event log would be very good for diagnosis and more accurate data comparisons (e.g. metered vs Sense).

  • DateTime for Sense online/offline
  • DateTime for smartplug online/offline
  • DateTime for device-on/device-off

Or something like that.


Thank you @kevin1 for opening this wishlist item.

I would elaborate that there are at least 2 types of missing data.

  1. Data that never gets to the mothership, perhaps because of LAN SNAFUs with receiving smart plug power data, or Sense not uploading data to cloud due to LAN or WAN issues, etc. Today these show up as 0W.
  2. Sense client still retrieving data from the cloud, but there are missing data segments, and the displayed temporal power graphs have segments with erroneous (and generally not 0W) data. Sometimes this erroneous data is just a constant (horizontal) segment; sometime this erroneous data seems like it is actually temporal power data from a different time range. Generally, in such cases, zooming out/in or moving the temporal window in the client will cause the missing data to finally be retrieved and displayed correctly.

Doubling down on this one - would love to see Sense alerts when data is missing so we can diagnose possible networking issues.