Phantom Garage Door Opener?



I only have one garage door opener, and I’m quite certain that I didn’t open it at 11pm and 3am this past evening. Just my wife and I and no one has access to our garage door opener.

I had this phantom garage door previously, and after deleting and letting sense rediscover, it’s returned.

Anyone have any ideas of what other device acts similar to a garage door ~400 Watts for ~10-20 sec?


Got a profile of the curve you can screencap?


Garage Door:

Not Garage Door:

The Not Garage Door is running quite a while. And I remember now this all started when I started running my AC unit, though I also started running my dehumidifier as well.


See how it flatlines a little after it starts? My experience has been that the flatline is a failure to recognize a turn-off. I have a post from a couple of days ago showing it happen with a fridge and a light.

It’s gonna be hard to track down what it really is, but my strong suspicion is that it runs for what looks like a few seconds, then fails to be recognized as off. Perhaps it’s part of the ac or dehumidifier. Keep an eye on them, but I’d not necessarily trust the “off” status.


My two same-model garage door openers are recognized as one device by Sense. OK. But it also has twice reported the garage door operator was on, when it wasn’t… Clearly it has something else included in the device that is not related to the garage door openers. I haven’t been able to determine what that something else is.


Hey @calpalmer,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this. When that does happen, you can let us know the ‘device is not on’ by going to the device’s page, tapping Report a problem’ and ‘Device is not on’. This gives our data science team more data with which to improve the algorithms around that device.


Ok will do

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