Possible to create multiple accounts connected to same Sense device?


My wife set up the initial account after we got our Sense installed. However, I’m the primary user of the app. Whenever I’ve submitted feedback from the app my wife gets emailed about it. Is there a way to create a separate account using a separate email and have it linked to the same Sense device?

Multiple Users
Multiple Users

It would be really nice if you could add “guest” user. That could see the data, but not edit it.


Agree, I have things setup to receive alerts about all kinds of things, but there are just a few that my wife would appreciate.

For example, to get alerted that the “washing machine has been off for 15 mins”, so the clothes don’t sit there for hours before someone knows to move them to dryer.

(I can’t use the “turned off” event because it happens about 8 times in a single wash cycle, so have to use the custom alert with time).

It would be great if she can have her own simpler access, whether configured by me, or directly in her app.

Custom alert trigger beyond ios

My wife installed the app on her phone wanting to play with notifications. I signed her in under my login thinking it wouldn’t be a big deal. Turns out notification settings are synced across devices (cool) so all my notifications on mystery devices were sent to her phone as well as mine. This caused her to promptly remove the app.

Now i am guessing this would be a low usage feature, so maybe it can be grouped in if you guys do api/app/integrations permissions. Example: Create new access token and permissions for X integration or user. Feature development freebie :slight_smile:


I had the same thing happen.


2 phones, 2 laptops, 2 ipads… notifications are like music all over the house :slight_smile:


Noted! Thanks for the suggestion. Be sure to ‘like’ the topic so we have a rough count on the # of requests for this feature.


Drives everyone in our house crazy but me. Worth every beep, bell and chime. :slight_smile:


Note overlap with this thread, maybe merge:

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