Real-time data's time-stamp delay & Network disconnect problem

Hi I’m Por

Just let you know that i’m in Thailand.
And I understand that SENSE was designed for US market.
But i really happy to use this in Thailand as well.
Its cool gadget and there is room for improvement.

My case was “abnormal” with 1-phase 220 V and 50 Hz frequency.
Same as EU-region. (We don’t split-phase 120/240 V 60 Hz frequency like in US)
SENSE works fine for almost a week, data analysis was working great. (3 devices found so far)

But here is a problems. (I believed this might come from frequency different between us?)

  1. The real-time data was delayed.
    As you can see from picture. When i view the real-time data on 10:57.
    But the graph’s time-stamp show 10:35 !
    I test by turning the light ON-OFF, and yep.
    This is definitely real-time data feed. But the time-stamp was shifted almost 30 min. !
    I try to reset SENSE (Switch breaker OFF and then ON)
    The graph was sync for 5-10 minutes, and getting SHIFT larger and larger.
    Maybe, because of frequency different (60 Hz & 50 Hz) cause timing-error and its getting shift larger and larger ?
    I’ve noticed this symptom will follow with problem #2 as well. (Find below)

  2. Data sampling was freezed.
    Find attached photo.
    sometime when i take a look at the graph, the Watt usage was freezed (For example 450 Watt for a minute)
    And then after 10-20 minutes, it will back to normal sampling rate.

  3. Disconnected.
    After 1-2, the device will disconnected.
    See the gap of graph, when SENSE completely disconnected and no data transmit to server.
    And it will be back online again in 5-10 minutes.

Thanks !

What does the Settings > My Home > Sense Monitor say for mains voltage and frequency ? Here’s a typical nighttime reading for a system that also includes solar.

Hi !

Find picture below.

PS. We have two-wire in Thailand.
One is Line (+220 volt), another one is Neutral (ground)
the 2nd picture is my setup.
White-wire goes to upper busbar. (Neutral)
Black-wire goes to circuit breaker (220 Volt Line)
Another Red-wire i plugged into breaker too, but i keep it OFF all times (Not needed.)
The Clamp goes to big-black-wire. (220 Volt Line)
So, my reading is 220 Volt / 50 Hz for only one phase (Another one left empty) !

My 2c. Monitor readings seem to be as expected for your configuration… Seems like the Sense power supply is dual voltage an dual frequency. The main timebase for Sense shouldn’t be related to the line frequency. But the sampling and DSP filtering firmware probably do make some assumptions about the relationship between the sampling frequency and the mains frequency. If Sense is sampling 20% more data points per AC cycle than expected, there likely could be some strange side effects.

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I take a look at real-time meter.
And time delay was about an hour ! (cannot scroll right, and the app show blinking real-time data plot from SENSE server.)

Anyway to fix this ?
Perhaps, in the next firmware ?

In Settings > Sense Monitor > Network Connection > Network test
Run a network test and view the details
Everything “Good”?

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I tested the signal 4 times.
One was warning, but 3 times is Good.

I decided to buy new Linksys Mesh WIFI yesterday.
Will install it in a few days to ensure strong WIFI signal and will give you posted !

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I am not sure how much success you will have as the system is designed for 120V two phase at 60Hz.
Your system is ~230V at 50hz single phase, as you stated above.

The system may not be able to cope with the latency from Thailand to the U.S.
In ConUS it would typically be less than 40ms. More for Alaska, Hawaii, Samoa and Guam.
Make sure that sense has a great wireless connection. Noise or interruptions will affect the performance.

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