Refrigerator Defroster

Device comes on every 4 days; cycles on/off 3-5 times over 20 mins; Sense suggests it’s a heat source. Any ideas?

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How often does someone in your family blow-dry their hair ?

Best if you can post a snapshot of that 20 min period so we can see shape, wattage, etc.

Possibly defrost cycle on a refrigerator or chest freezer.

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not a hairdryer.
here’s the waveform…

The waveform perfectly fits a resistive load (sudden spike with a slight drop off as the element heats up), so yes, it’s almost certainly actually heat related as Sense is suggesting.

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Yes. agree. I checked back several weeks - its exactly the same waveform, 8 cycles over about 35 mins, every 4 days. i thought maybe a charger system I have on a parked car for winter - but not able to trigger it.

Certainly sounds like something on a timer. A burst of exactly the same cycles every four days isn’t likely to be due to human or weather triggers.

found it - defrost for spare refrigerator,


nailed it!
Oops, sorry @oshawapilot I posted wrong oerson

@oshawapilot nailed it…

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