Remote viewing

I would like to be able to view usage while away from home, all I can view is always on, when not at home.

@kitts1965, a few questions:

  • How are you viewing your Sense data - Web App or phone/tablet App ?

  • What view are you trying to see ? The Bubble view (below) ?

    or the Power Meter ?

  • Is Sense fully set up in your house ? Did you make it all the way through the setup / signal check process ?

  • Has Sense detected any devices in your house yet ?

I’m scratching my head about your Wishlist request because the Sense App is essentially a remote App - it runs off of data that has been sent to the cloud. So what you see doesn’t depend on whether you are home or away.

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While at home or away… you are viewing the data that on sense’s cloud. You should get no info or no data and not partial data.

What device are you using the sense app on?
This seems extremely strange, could you possibly post a screenshot of what you are seeing?
The app connects to the cloud not the Sense monitor itself so it would make no difference weather you are home or away.

It’s working correctly now, I am not for sure what happened, reboot phone, disconnected from Walmart internet and using just phone data, the app displays correctly.

Thanks for the help.

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Thanks for the update. That Walmart internet will get you every time :wink: