Sense Customer Service Phone Support? - Any possibility for Phone support in future?

Anyone feel like we should have phone customer support for at least some issues which cannot be resolved through the back and forth emails exchanges? Especially some technical ones which required sense team to look into the monitor from far end?

Once it is set up, It may not require phone support however until everything is completed, I feel there should be someone to help out over the phone for new customers.

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Hi @Manny1314.

As a few folks here might be able to attest to, we do offer scheduled phone support for issues that cannot be fixed with our troubleshooting steps. It’s not very common, and there are a few reasons why we do not offer phone support as a default customer support contact option.

  1. Most Support requests require logs and research that would be extremely time-consuming for customers/users to convey. We can access all of this information directly via the Support ticket, saving users a ton of time and allowing us to get back to users in a timely fashion.

  2. Due to the size of our team, we would not be able to handle the volume of open phone support - keep in mind that a large percentage of incoming tickets are from people that haven’t bought Sense yet and are wondering if it’s compatible with their electrical panel. That’s all handled by our Support team.

  3. We (myself included) have spent a lot of time building knowledge base resources for some of our most common support requests issues over at Often (but not always), Support requests can be answered by an existing resource on or with the help of the Solvvy chatbot. A phone support line would not allow users the opportunity to answer their own questions, as Solvvy currently does.

  4. Last (but not least) is privacy - we’re not able to confirm the person calling or able to verify their account.

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Ok. Thanks @JustinAtSense!
Yes, it makes sense.

I have followed the practice of searching database first which is really very useful.
It certainly works however there are instances when help over the phone certainly makes more sense.

I am still in the first week of the installation so obviously I feel the need. I believe when time passes, I will not have issues with the system.