Sense identiifies my new washer as my garage door opener

I replaced my washer recently with a high-efficiency Whirlpool model. Sense identifies the new washer as my garage door opener (see the picture attached below). Both motors run for short times, and have a peak draw of 346 watts, so this is understandable.

However, there are some notable differences:

  1. The garage door opener motor always runs for ~12 seconds (11-13 seconds, 12 most often). The washer motor runs for 20-26 seconds.
  2. Both motors have a transient shoulder (indicated by arrows) before reaching peak draw. For the washer motor, the shoulder is always at 87 watts. For the garage door motor, the shoulder depends on whether the door is up or down. If the door is down when the motor starts, the shoulder is at 247 watts. If the door is up when the motor starts, the shoulder is at 87 watts.

Is Sense likely to identify my washer motor as an independent device? Will it help if I delete the garage door opener?

[Edit] - doesn’t matter much, but 247 watts should be 257 watts.

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Hmm. Sense isn’t great at detecting those type of washers at the moment but it is something our data science team is actively working on. While it may not be detected now, with some algorithm improvements, it’s quite likely that it will in the near future.

For the time being, you could try to delete the device, although it may continue to confuse the two until we make some improvements on our end.


Brand new Sense user (3 days) and it’s doing the same thing for me - identifies my washer as a garage door. It dos detect the Garage Door correctly.

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