Sense servers are offline?

The app isn’t receiving updates from my Sense meter since about 21:30 Central on 3/18/2018.

I’m also unable to login to

I know my Sense meter is online because I can detect it using “arping”. And my internet connection isn’t down either.

Okay, the app now has this screen saying my monitor is offline, but that’s twaddle, because I can detect my monitor as being connected to my WiFi router and also “arping” from an Odroid xu4 on the same network. And my internet isn’t down - I’m streaming something right now. I would use ping, but it looks like the Sense monitor ignores ICMP echo requests.

App started working again at 21:58 Central.

All looking good on my system.

The data displayed on the app is coming from the server, not direct from our Sense units, so worth waiting to see if the data is backfilled from your Sense unit’s 6 hour buffer.

I’d allow it a chance to recover its connection without power cycling it as that clears the buffer.

One thing you can do is check the wifi signal your sense unit is seeing by going through the motions of letting the app search for other wifi signals (need to be in bluetooth range to do that).

Some of us struggled initially because our unit is right at the limit of a reliable connection, even at 2.4GHz. I installed an additional access point to fix that.

If there is still no connectivity in the morning, or a gap in the data the app is showing, send an email to and let them guide you through the recovery process.

Hasn’t yet happened. Going to contact support about this - I have an ongoing issue where data backfill has never happened for my Sense unit (and I’ve never recycled it while they’re figuring out the backfill issue).

Connectivity of the Sense unit itself to my WiFi router if the one thing that I could complete eliminate as an issue in this instance. The unit remained connected to my WiFi router, and I could “arping” it from another computer on the network. I was also unable to login to from my computer/phone browser. There could have been a selective loss of connectivity from my ISP (Cox) to a subset of other networks - I have no way to assess that. I do know that that my general internet connectivity was fine at the time because I was streaming from BritBox or Netflix which this was going on.

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