Sense Solar: Main sensor was around wrong cable. Do i need to reset somehow?


Hi there - New Sense Solar install; the consumption curve was tracking solar output which didn’t seem right. Sure enough, one of the (non-solar) sensors was clamped after solar power merged into the cable, not before where the main comes into the panel. I have corrected the sensor placement.

Do i need to restart the calibration process somehow? If so how? thanks.


I did a “Reset Data” … we’ll see how it goes.


So … 18 hours or so after the “Reset Data” and the consumption / solar “Now” data all looks good except:

  • a) The Sense app reports “Uh oh. Sense has detected an installation problem that we are unable to fix automatically. Sense Support has been contacted and is taking a look for you.”
  • b) The Sense app shows no progress in “Signals / Sense is checking your installation and verifying the data being collected.”

I guess i just wait and smile - and await word from Sense Support?


Sense support has contacted me, they cleared the issue (possibly related to my delay in getting the Solar supply calibrated), and the signals are now being “checked”. If you find yourself in a similar situation, suggest opening a ticket on or through contact us > feedback in the mobile app.

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