Sense stopped working for few seconds - Why?

I noticed this drop in wattage for 26 seconds in the Power-Meter … What would cause such behavior? I’m guessing this is not a network/WIFI issue as (hopefully) some of the (recent) data is stored on the unit itself. What else could it be?

I can upload a screenshot but not sure how to do that (yet).

Which leads me to a nagging question. I’m assuming the ‘live’ data from the power monitor is available directly from the meter (at least the most recent part). The processed data (bubbles) however is likely obtained from the Cloud. My logic/reasoning is based on this observation: When I select ‘Power Meter’, the screen populates immediately. However when I select Now/Bubbles, it takes some time for the screen to populate, as if the data is processed in the cloud then downloaded.

Question: Is any raw/processed data done in the box itself or is it all in the cloud?

All the data displayed, including the Power Meter and Bubbles come via the cloud.