Sense unit now totally messed up

I have been having massive amounts of issues with my monitor in the past several weeks - working with support to no avail. Initial issue was monitor not seeing new HS300 and HS110. Then started having massive drop outs in solar production monitoring and now drop outs in consumption as well. I disabled TP Link integration for trouble shooting - thinking perhaps that was associated with the drop outs and the fact that my most recent smart plugs never showed up in Sense. Turns out it did not change drop outs but the drop outs are getting more frequent. Then I re-enabled TP Link integration and low and behold - Sense can not detect any of the 35 devices previously found. I think my monitor is dying a slow and painful death. To be honest, I do not need to see the smart plug devices (however it WAS very nice) but I bought the monitor primarily to monitor solar and total consumption and now it is about worthless in any mode or category. Should I try a factory reset or am I wasting my time. Network is not an issue as my A/P is 5 - 6 feet away.

I’ve been experiencing dropouts in the sense that when opening the app, it can’t take minutes to display usage. This also happens on the device page and my detected devices have been really conflated, today especially.

To have 35 previous devices now giving you trouble is pretty bad. I ha e not ever reset so hate to say one way or another.
Just wanted to comment that you are not the only one with dropouts, I know of others seeing the same.

@samwooly1. Most of the consumption data can eventually be seen (but not counted) but the strange part is the solar drop outs that never show up or get counted. The delay issue is annoying but I can’t b*tch at that minor issue at this point. Either the circuits are fried or the data is so corrupted inside that my unit is basically working on some things some of the time. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’m encountering the same thing with my history being backfilled with data.
I unfortunately don’t have solar yet but can completely understand your frustration with the problems your having.
I have read where others have reset to factory and had better detection each time. One user had reset three times with improvements in detection each time.
It’s tempting to me at times to reset but I’m also easily aggravated.

@samwooly1. My thought is to reset but my strongest suspicion is that my monitor is somehow now defective.

I would encourage you to just keep working with Support on this, rather than resetting.


You may not be the only one with a monitor giving up the ghost.
Tonight, mine has the device page showing things on and using electricity but the timeline states ZERO and the mains also show ZERO