Servers offline, it is it my monitor?

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Same errors here…

It’s the same for me. A little earlier I downloaded a new version of the app so it could be related.

Same Error. The phone and the desktop both have issues. Before I checked here I reset the box and the router. I hope it will be back up soon. Thanks

API response time has been over 1000ms for a couple hours

Who’s on-call? :grin:

Yup, same issue as well here. Just downloaded a new update for sense on my iPad & iPhone, opened it up, and got this error when I try going into trends or going to devices and selecting one that’s on my list.

Edit: Update. So pretty much right after posting this, it seems to be working again.

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We had a brief outage last night but things should be back up and running. The engineering crew is working now to figure out what happened. I’ll update you guys with details when I have them.

I don’t know :smiley:

I’m still having this problem. Anyone else?

Had to reboot. Worked since then.

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