Solar setup Failure

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I went through the Solar setup and when it starts it shows 12.6kw on the solar then it tells me to turn off the inverters and when I do that it says set up failed current sensors not detected.So how can that be if it was reporting 12.6kw before turning the inverters off?


Open a support case.


I had a similar issue, I was turning off my system at the exterior shutoff and it would fail, I had to flip the solar breaker on the panel for it to work. Probably depends a lot on your system, as @jonhawkes said, open a support ticket. They will walk you through how to do it on your system.

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Definitely write into Support. Solar setup can be a bit complicated, depending on your setup. The best solution would be to reach out to our Support team and they can run diagnostics, hear directly from you about your system, and help figure out a solution.

Thank you support took care of it on there end.


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