Suddenly an extra 45W!

So I spend a couple of weeks overseas and the house was running basically on essentials (Fridge, security NVR, router, etc. ~260W average). I checked the daily consumption occasionally using the sense app and noticed a 20% permanent increase on July 17.


What could that possibly be???!!!

Easy to pinpoint! All my computers are on Kasa outlets and one of them apparently woke up to permanent insomnia! It turns out that my windows 10 computer woke up for some system updates (they all do that occasionally), but there seems to be a bug in windows update: If the computer reboots to complete the update and waits at the login screen, it no longer goes to sleep after the defined time. (I was not able to find this discussed anywhere, but I have noticed it on other occasions before when I was home).

Easy to fix! Since the computer was awake, I was able to use chrome remote desktop to connect to it, login to complete the update, then put it to sleep.

No big deal for 45W extra, especially compared to the solar production. Still nice how Sense allowed me to detect, identify, and fix the issue.


Hey @altenbach, thanks for sharing your experience with us. We’re glad to hear Sense caught that sneaky Windows update! :man_detective: