Take survey link not working

I received a prompt in the app (under Now tab) that it has been 'almost two weeks since you installed Sense" along with a “Take survey” action. Tapping that action has no effect.

Seeing the same thing in the web version, where the link is mapping to home.sense.com, so it takes me back to the page I’m already on.

Same here.

Come to think of it, the “sign up to our newsletter” reminder that pops up every time I come to this discussion board is also getting tedious. I am already subscribed anyway.

Hey @peter.revie and @watersmt, thanks for alerting us to this issue. This has already been reported and our team is working on it.

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On mine (iOS)… to start the survey. I had to swipe right on the 1-5 bar. Tapping anywhere else on the screen did nothing.