Timeline lag and Kasa not reporting?

Firmware monitor updates generally occur in the early morning hours. Look for a period of missing wattage data when the monitor is going thru an automatic reboot. Reboot outages generally last about 1-2 minutes.

In the past, SENSE Support posted upcoming upgrade notices in the DISCOURSE forum. That hasn’t happened on some of the recent updates.

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The ‘Power Meter’ is now one of my least used screens since they removed tags I rarely check it unless there is a big problem.

I usually have the ‘Now’ screen open on a spare display, though it requires constant refreshing.
The dashboard detailed usage screen is one that I check near daily and one of if not the only Web screen that displays more info then the App version…


I just received another response from Amir @ 12:14. Sense is still working to resolve the issue and will be engaging 2nd tier support team to collaborate in getting it fixed.

There seems to be a real lack of internal communication going on between Sense and your 4th party subcontractors.
May I suggest adding a disclaimer to the ticket system along the lines of “Our Customer Service agents are not familiar with our products, services and systems. Please refer to the Sense forums where our customers can provide the most up-to-date, accurate and detailed information and resolve for any and all issue you may experience.”?


Hey @obscuredtrip, I passed along your suggestion to our Support team. Appreciate your feedback here. Someone from our team with be reaching out to you shortly.

I’m thinking she didn’t read your suggestion very carefully. Or perhaps this is just par for the course now.


I also am on 1.38.3739-32e49434-master and have issues with the Kasa plugs, some show normal others show N/A. Its been hit and miss for the past few days/week

@danderson, were your Kasas ever reporting with 95-100% reliability in Sense ? Just asking because there are plenty of other issues, both networking and idiosyncrasies of the plugs plus Sense, that can cause those NAs. Right now I’m looking through all of mine and I’m seeing close to 100% data reliability across all plugs, from 0% before the firmware update.

mine have worked 100% for years. I have a mix of HS110 and HS115

all listed except the dryer are in Kasa plugs.

Hi all, we believe this issue has been resolved and was impacting Sense monitors that are part of our early release Beta program. Our team is currently checking on your monitors for ongoing issues. If you experience any issues further, please contact our Support team via the Sense mobile app by navigating to Settings > Help > Contact Us, at https://www.sense.com/contact, or via support@sense.com. If you no longer wish to participate in our Beta program please let me know.

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Still having issues with the kasa devices. But as this is part of the beta program, better to see it here/now before it goes to the full userbase.

your team is free to look up my device if needed.


Thanks @danderson, our team looked into your device and it looks like all of your active Kasa devices are reporting data correctly now. Please let me know if you are still experiencing issues!

@JuliaAtSense i got 1.38.3744-b423ee52-master on the night of the 18th/19th, and as of yesterday morning my KASA devices all show properly.


Wish I had found this earlier,
I stumbled across a VERY old post from 2018 containing a link.

Anyone else is either running and older, beta or a specialized version for some reason.

Could someone turn this link into a sticky post in the ‘help’ forum?
And could the Sense team please resume posting firmware updates and release notes as done in the past to avoid this type of confusion going forward?


Looks like the FAQs hold the latest production Firmware version. Who knew ??

Apparently @RyanAtSense
The new forum format led me to this:

Last post Jun '21

Even the ‘Help and Faq’ assistant is wrong.


I ran the same test on my Laptop PC. Results are below:

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Thanks for flagging this error @obscuredtrip and @Dcdyer - our team is updating this. I created this post here to reflect the current firmware. Moving forward, I’ll be posting firmware updates in this category.


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