"Unknown" Disappearing - Anyone else seeing this?



Sometimes my “Unknown” bubble disappears in the now view. It always comes back after a while.

I have a thread with support@sense on it, but it seems like they haven’t seen this before.


Yup. I’ve seen it too but mine lasts only a few seconds before it corrects. I have not logged a ticket yet.

Here is a screenshot I got with the always on, but I’ve also seen it when a more variable appliance(like my dryer) is running and the watts consumed fluctuates with the appliance.


I’ve seen it rarely, too, but it always comes back. Saw it especially very early on, haven’t seen it recently. Wasn’t overly concerned, didn’t submit a ticket.


I’ve had sense about four months and don’t always have an unknown bubble. I don’t worry about it since I don’t leave much running when I’m not home.

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