"Unknown" Disappearing - Anyone else seeing this?

Sometimes my “Unknown” bubble disappears in the now view. It always comes back after a while.

I have a thread with support@sense on it, but it seems like they haven’t seen this before.

Yup. I’ve seen it too but mine lasts only a few seconds before it corrects. I have not logged a ticket yet.

Here is a screenshot I got with the always on, but I’ve also seen it when a more variable appliance(like my dryer) is running and the watts consumed fluctuates with the appliance.

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I’ve seen it rarely, too, but it always comes back. Saw it especially very early on, haven’t seen it recently. Wasn’t overly concerned, didn’t submit a ticket.

I’ve had sense about four months and don’t always have an unknown bubble. I don’t worry about it since I don’t leave much running when I’m not home.