Unusual activity alert


It would be a nice failure/problem-notification option if sense could send a notification when a known device behaved differently. … for example, yesterday the goats knocked their automatic waterer and so, while it was still only a trickle, the pump cycled about every 40 minutes instead of only once in the morning. I know I could set it to alert me if it ran for more than five minutes at a time (in the case of a broken line or a hose left on), but in this case, i had to be checking the device history to see the issue.


Thanks for the suggestion! We do plan to add more notification functionality in the future and being able to identify unusual device activity would certainly be useful.


Hey there @Becky - just looking in on some old threads and I’d mention a suggestion we’ve heard for monitoring these types of issues.

Have you tried setting a custom notification for the well pump that lets you know if it’s on for >40 minutes? Would that work for you?

As @BenAtSense mentioned, we are hoping to put together a purpose specific workflow for this down the road, but I’m hoping the above solution might help you in the mean time.


Hi. Sense hasn’t identified the well pump yet. …oddly - but i know you
all take a lot of grief for that. I can tell when it’s running from the
spike in other, but i can’t set any notifications for it. i do have my
septic pump set to tell me if it’s been on for a couple minutes - normally
runs about 6 seconds and I’ve had it burn up in the past so this should
work for that.

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Aha! Sorry about that. I hope we’ll be able to pick that pump up soon for you, and once we do, perhaps a custom notification will help you until we get some more advanced notification functionality together.

Thanks for the great suggestion!


With respects to unusual activity, perhaps create this based on a rolling average over X days. For example, for a sump pump, it would be beneficial to know if it suddenly is running more often than it was previously. Even more important, would be if the pump was running every 5 minutes, suddenly doesn’t run within 20 minutes (or whatever).


This would have saved me thousands back when my heating element went out in my water heater. This is a great suggestion.