Weird! Has anybody seen this? NEGATIVE consumption

I DONOT have a solar setup. But check out this image… anybody seen anything like this?



When one of the CT clamps is turned the wrong way this will happen. If that is the case, contact support and they can help get this straightened out without having to make physical changes or reset.

More than likely one of your sensor clamps are not completely closed.

Yeah, this definitely looks like an installation issue. But based on your previous posts, it sounds like you weren’t seeing this until now? Is that the case? Have you rooted around in your panel recently? Are you seeing this in both Web and Mobile apps?

@samwooly1 i did see this early on… after i swapped the clamps it was fine. @dwleckie it was working fine… so this is new! @RyanAtSense happening after i put on the smart plug? or maybe thats when i noticed it… no have not tuched the panel in a while… the day picture is from the web and the -1K pix is from mobile.

I’d contact support. There may be something else going on that they will see.
I imagine it’s frustrating, sorry about that.
I wouldn’t make any changes without talking to support. At times I’ve tried to “fix” things, I e just made the problem harder to solve.


Agreed. If it was working prior and is suddenly showing negative, you’ll need to reach out to Support. As @samwooly1 notes, best to just leave it alone in the meantime and try not to fix.

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