Ios app, Solar data screen broken

when on the ios app, solar screen, the whole page refreshes about every 9-10 seconds. this makes most of the page useless… If i select Usage by week, and am scrolling around, the page refreshes back to Today view, if i select year, bill month whatever, even swipe right a few days, on time every time it refreshes back to today view, so annoying. can we fix this, i cant really look through my historical solar data unless i do it real quick and snap a screenshot in under 10 seconds. lol its horrible. This doesnt happen on the “Usage” view i can scroll to days weeks years in the past and the whole page never refreshes on its own.

Anyone from Sense team? Confirm? Feedback? Fix Idea?

Hi @pir8radio - I would suggest submitting a bug report to our Support team. You can do so here: