Time Lag on iOS Sense App “Now” view

For the last couple of months, when I launch the Sense app on iOS, the “Now” view frequently shows the pulsing bubbles pattern for a minute or two before the graph appears. And when the graph does finally appear, it’s showing data from seven minutes ago. The graph animates, ticking along as it should. Once per second the solar and consumption numbers update. A new strip of graph appears on the right, and the graph scrolls one second to the left. It all looks like it’s updating live, in real time, as it should, except each second-by-second update is from seven minutes earlier.

This makes it virtually useless as a real-time power monitoring tool. For example, if I turn off the air conditioning, then it takes seven minutes of the second-by-second graph updates before the drop in power consumption appears on the iPhone screen.

Please submit this to the Support team. There was a similar issue from a bit ago that was resolved and we haven’t heard reports since: RESOLVED: Mobile app (iOS) not loading live readings without restart


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