Offline for extended time

Monitor has been offline since Monday, three days ago. We have unplugged and plugged back in. Plugged it directly into router, still is offline. Why would we need to flip the breaker? That is the dumbest set up if this goes offline frequently, which it has been lately, that we would have to flip the breaker every time. The monitor is inches away from the router. Is the power company still getting the data of power generation of the monitor is offline for a long period of time?

You note that your monitor is inches away from the router, which reminds me of this post:

You also said you directly plugged it in, which should resolve the issue if the above were a problem. In any case, opening a support ticket is a good place to start.

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+1 for @jefflayman . Support should be able to offer some additional insight here.

I’m not sure what you meant by “directly into router”, since there is no Ethernet network port on the Sense monitor; the only Sense network access is via Wifi. If the position of the Sense with respect to the WiFi transmitter (e.g. router/Wifi combination unit) is most convenient, you can try placing a metallic ‘barrier’ between the Sense antenna and the Wifi transmitter. Or even use a cable to “extend” the Sense antenna further away from the Wifi transmitter.

Power company data is not related at all to the use of the Sense monitor.