Power Quality Chart - not up-dating - Nov 2022

Thank you Danny I have noted this!

I have also been frozen since March 30. It became a significant issue late last night as I was working through a low voltage issue with the utility. :frowning:

Frozen since April 15

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Mine’s stuck on March 18-19

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How was your issue detected?:

Did you noticed any other signs of this issue around your home?:

Screenshots from Sense Lab

I am getting No Data on the Power Quality. Is there something wrong in my home?

@cambrose1 , probably not your home. There’s a known issue with Power Quality in Sense Labs not updating. Because it is not a fully productized feature (that’s what the Labs part means), it’s currently done via batch process that is not as robust as the core real-time Sense App operation.

See explanation from Sense here:

ps: Moving this post to the Power Quality not updating thread.

Thank you!

No Power Quality updates from me since March 25

No Power Quality updates for me since March 30

April 7 is the latest available to me (31 days ago).

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My power quality graph hasn’t updated since April 4th

My PQ graph is missing data after 4/18.

The issue is back for me. Has not updated since the 17th of April. Love the feature, but frustrating it keeps happening.

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Mine is also still missing data. Last update was April 18th…

same here… no new data since April 6

Still stuck in March

No Power Quality data since April 17 at my location

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The curious thing for me is that it’s intermittent. Sometimes (like now) it won’t update for like 4-6 days. Sometimes it updates every morning reliably. It’s odd, like some kind of backend load balancing issue!

Yeah, mine could count here. Do you profile the code that does this? It seems worse when my power quality issues are worse! I wouldn’t be shocked if having a ton of events causes it to time out.

My voltage chart is stuck at: June 5th 10:58 AM

@JuliaAtSense @EmoryAtSense2 @JamesDrewAtSense

Mine JUST updated for the first time since MARCH 30th.

No ‘previous’ data backfilled the ‘previous’ arrow is not even there, so this may have been more of a reset?