[BUG] - Not tracking usage

Thank you for the update, I contacted support on Saturday to Kranti, with a link to this thread.


I just reset my breaker on the sense unit and all data populated into the app… Sortof.

All usage is attributed to the other category. Not the end of the world but I really wish it could be attributed the the actual devices instead.

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I submitted a report by e-mail. Won’t do anything until I hear back.

(Apparently there is no option to reboot the device via app, or is there?)

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Would also like to request a “Restart Sense” button added to the “Settings/My Home/Sense Monitor” Menu


Mine is mostly back no reboot necessary. Historically don’t just start rebooting without being told to. That is probably why it’s not in the app.

If you want this “Software Restart / Reboot” enhancement, the Wishlist is the place to show your support. “Like” the Wishlist item here.


Yes, system is back up without any action on my own (except filing a report), but per device usage (at least TP-link) is missing data. Also, loading of historical data seems very sluggish.

Here is my “always on” FIOS router trace (~11W). Missing is Friday night until the system restored by itself earlier today.


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Same issue w/ me. Submitted a support request, says they are working on it. Rebooting my Sense got the “real time” data working (previously I only saw the last 5 mins). Honestly I feel better knowing it’s affecting lots of folks. Better chance of it being fixed (hopefully soon)

You are lucky for me weekend data is visible but not todays information so I will have to wait but at least seams like no data was lost

I think my data is all working now, as well as the Meter view is properly loading for me. I think y’all fixed something on the back end :crossed_fingers:t2: :+1:t2:

I haven’t validated the accuracy of the backfilled data…but yes, my historic trending data from the last few days is now populated with content…


Main power meter has filled in. Device level power graphs and power meter are all still missing data from 8pm Friday - 6:30am Monday. Always on Data is also missing from that time period.

Current data is populating correctly but all historical consumption data is showing as other for the duration of the outage

Yup…. All of my device trending is missing data from the weekend…

Can anyone from technical support give us an update on whether they consider this issue resolved, and are no longer actively working on this issue?

Or is this still open because of the absence of historic device trending data, always-on and the power meter issue that @obscuredtrip mentions above?


This issue should be resolved, but if you’re still seeing missing data please write into support@sense.com so we can take a deeper look.

OK… I’ll go ahead and file another support ticket…

Anyone on this thread who is still experiencing data loss should do the same… I am sure this issue gets a higher priority if it is confirmed to be impacting the community versus just one person…

I am absolutely seeing at least two behaviors that @obscuredtrip reports above…

  • Device level trending data loss on 3/19 (Saturday) and 3/20 (Sunday)
  • Always On trending data loss on 3/19 (Saturday) and 3/20 (Sunday)

Maybe, as @malt indicates, the consumption is represented in the “other” category… I am not sure there is a way for me to confirm this or not… But it is definitely missing for me for Always On and individual devices that I have on a smart plug…

Logging ticket now…

Update: Here are screenshots from the browser interface (my iOS mobile looks exactly the same). These are devices (or sets of devices) that always have some electricity consumption… So there’s no way the answer is that these products were all off on that weekend…

Let us know if they are able to restore the missing device data. (I won’t file another report unless there is a chance that this data is not irreversibly lost.)

Usage during that time period usage did go under “Other”. During this outage (or whatever you want to call it) I do see week and month usage for “other”. Which is very odd as I have had an open a ticket (264767) since last year regarding “Other” being reported in daily usage but not totaling for the week, month, year, bill. Daily shows Other usage but, Week, Month, Year, Bill, showed nothing. Sense can see the issue on their end, “engineering” is still investigating according to most recent update.
I should update it to let Sense know that ONLY these 3 days show other usage in the week & month view, including Monday which is reporting lower other usage then other days which have seen higher other usage but have not & continue not to appear on week & month views for other.

My sense has a gap in data between 4/30 5:38pm through 5/1 9:47am. I hope this data will be recovered. I emailed this info to support@sense.com

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