Use your monthly reports!

I’m so jealous. My brand new refrigerator uses more power than your average on total.

My November 2019 monthly summary.

Please note that I have a new housemate as of July, and I purchased an electric car (Chevy Bolt) in December 2018. There may be some impact over the past year due to these details. However, I rarely charge my car at home, since there are so many free charging stations in the area and I only drive it mostly on the weekends.


@mmilligan - Your energy foot for two people, continues to astound… What actions did you take to minimize your “Always On” value?

Your fridge must be really AMAZING, with every bell & whistle!

No, it’s a Frigidaire. It’s plugged into a HS110 so the numbers are good.

Here’s my 2016 side-by-side General Electric refrigerator statistics, for your comparison.

My 2018 Frigidaire French Door is about twice your usage.

Actually, I haven’t changed much. It’s how I’ve always lived. My whole life I’ve been aware of trying to making a “light footprint” on our environment. No TV, no dishwasher, very few appliances. And I am in no way a homebody; I’m out and about most of the time. My house was built in 1929, and has most of the original features. I’m a geek, but in environmentally conscious ways.

Here’s my report from November – maybe this will make you guys feel a bit better :smile:

This is for a roughly 3000sqft 1970s home in South Central PA which is now all electric. I had multi-head Mitsubishi heat pump installed (partially ducted, partially ductless) earlier in the year. For comparison, I spent more than $3000 on heating oil last winter. I still have lots of improvements to make to the house with improving air sealing and insulation, so it will be interesting to how things improve year over year.

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Best of outcomes, throughout your home improvement journey! Hopefully, you will be able to move your energy usage levels below the average Sense users in Pennsylvania.

Well, to make you feel better, your Average Wattage is roughly 1W/sqft.

Mine is more than 3W/sqft for the last 30 days and it’s not even particularly cold yet!

  • Radiant electric heat + electric hot water heater
  • 100 year old exposed brick building
  • 600sqft with high ceilings (our watts/cubic ft might be slightly more favorable to me but barely)
  • Tea & toast season!

And that’s after extensive insulation.

I’m a prime candidate for a mini-split … it’s in process.

Have really made some good progress on my Always on this year. Jan was 268 and now we are closing in on 100! Not sure if I am going to be able to go much lower than this (without wife and kids getting on board).

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Congratulations on the significant reduction of Always On! What will be your approach in bringing your Average Wattage level in alignment, comparative other Kansas users?

Easy, I am going to convince all of the rest of Kansas to purchase an electric car! The detection isn’t near 100% on my car but somewhere between 20-30% of my consumption is the car. Drive about 1,900 miles a month. Add in that we have a heat pump instead of just a Natural gas furnace and I think that’s the big difference versus the average in Kansas. Until more people are driving EVs, I don’t think I will catch others.

As far as reduction, we are going to do another layer of insulation. Other, Tesla, HVAC account for the majority of our consumption. As kids exit I plan on dropping one of our 2 fridges (5% of monthly total).

The water heater was actually not a new detection. It auto-combined a part of my oven with my water heater into a new water heater device. Still trying to sort that one out.

Sense also detected the only incandescent light bulb in my whole house (because it’s on a dimmer and I haven’t gotten around to replacing it with a dimmable LED).

I have not figured out device 3 yet. It has to be a component of something though because I’ve seen it turn on and off when no one is doing anything in the house.

This puts me at a total of 32 devices found, of which 8 are on smart plugs.

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Usage History: I’m within the lower 10% in both Average Watts and Always On , compared to Sense users, within the state of Ohio .

Standard Smart Home: Ranch with full basement (3k sqft living space), built April 2016, 3 bedroom, 3 baths. Gas appliances ( Furnace, Water Heater, Oven, Dryer )

Primary Occupants: 2-Adults (Husband & non-working Spouse)

Sense Installation Date: January 2, 2018

  1. Jan 2019 - ( Average 692 watts) ( Always On 163 watts) - ( HyperLink )
  2. Feb 2019 - ( Average 521 watts) ( Always On 101 watts) - ( HyperLink )
  3. Mar 2019 - ( Average 471 watts) ( Always On 95 watts) - ( HyperLink )
  4. Apr 2019 - ( Average 397 watts) ( Always On 98 watts) - ( HyperLink )
  5. May 2019 - ( Average 382 watts) ( Always On 100 watts) - ( HyperLink )
  6. Jun 2019 - ( Average 387 watts) ( Always On 97 watts) - ( HyperLink )
  7. Jul 2019 - ( Average 999 watts) ( Always On 115 watts) - ( HyperLink )
  8. Aug 2019 - ( Average 706 watts) ( Always On 97 watts) - ( HyperLink )
  9. Sep 2019 - Factory Reset of Monitor: Sept 18, 2019 - ( HyperLink )
  10. Oct 2019 - ( Average 381 watts) ( Always On 94 watts) - ( HyperLink )
  11. Nov 2019 - ( Average 464 watts) ( Always On 91 watts) - ( HyperLink )
  12. Dec 2019 - ( Average 467 watts) ( Always On 86 watts)


  • Pre-Reset - Number of Originally Found Devices: 16 (Removed 3 devices that were no longer detected)
  • Post-Reset - Number of Found Devices: 16 (No Merged Devices)

Heat 3 is the defrost of my refrigerator that’s plugged into a TP-Link outlet. Double dipping…

Still working on Always On, but it’s a lost cause since Other is broken for me.

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You’ve been dealing with “Other” issues since late August 2019… Your level of patience and perseverance is indeed formidable! I hope your resolution comes quickly, because “lost causes” are never good!

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Always On is higher then house usage. Other is in Always On, kinda…

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Given the way Always On is statistically computed, it can be larger than your Total Usage, at least for up to 28 minutes (1% of 48 hours).