Use your monthly reports!

I’m so jealous. My brand new refrigerator uses more power than your average on total.

My November 2019 monthly summary.

Please note that I have a new housemate as of July, and I purchased an electric car (Chevy Bolt) in December 2018. There may be some impact over the past year due to these details. However, I rarely charge my car at home, since there are so many free charging stations in the area and I only drive it mostly on the weekends.


@mmilligan - Your energy foot for two people, continues to astound… What actions did you take to minimize your “Always On” value?

Your fridge must be really AMAZING, with every bell & whistle!

No, it’s a Frigidaire. It’s plugged into a HS110 so the numbers are good.

Here’s my 2016 side-by-side General Electric refrigerator statistics, for your comparison.

My 2018 Frigidaire French Door is about twice your usage.

Actually, I haven’t changed much. It’s how I’ve always lived. My whole life I’ve been aware of trying to making a “light footprint” on our environment. No TV, no dishwasher, very few appliances. And I am in no way a homebody; I’m out and about most of the time. My house was built in 1929, and has most of the original features. I’m a geek, but in environmentally conscious ways.